May 3, 2012 by THEWALKINGDEADFAN

    Alvin stone walked to his car one April day. He had just been layed off. He had nothing else,no family, no friends, no money, no job, no life. So he decided to join the army. 6 years have passed, and he was a top soilder. He went back to the U.S.A.. He arrived on a very rainy day, and heard a scream, HELP MEEEEE!

    Alvin reached for his pistol and ran to where the scream came from. A young woman was being torn apart by...people?

    Stop it! Alvin screamed. He cursed and shot one of the people in the leg.

    But more and more killers came to eat the young woman.

    Goodbye. Alvin whispered.

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