• Gunman for real

    TWD Survivor

    August 30, 2012 by Gunman for real

    Hi TWDs, this is a fictional story made by me, it might include something about the original story, but t's fictional still.

    Connor Swift woke up in his bedroom after sleeping for ten hours or so. He was astonished to hear shouts and gunshots in the street. He ran to his wife, to see if she was inside. She was, but something rare had happened to her.

    - Hi darling.- Connor said. - Are you ok?.- there was no answer, but her wife turned back to his husband.

    - Goddamn it !.- he screamed in fear. Her mouth was torn open, and she was covered in blood.

    - Listen to me, darling, just stay there and wait for me till I get dressed, alright?.- he closed the door quickly and dressed up with his old military clothes. He knew those gunshots weren't because o…

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