Rated Mature... Hehe ^\\\\\~\\\\\\^

Chapter 3 - Stuff.. and more stuff...

*Lizzy's POV*

It was 3 months... after, my father. Killed Herschel, me, Carl and Rick found an abandoned house. Now, me and Carl are sorting out books. Rick was laying on the couch, a few meters away from us. Because we were in a room, "So take over the books there," I akwardly say, I stood up and got up and walked up near Carl, by the time Carl and I stood there.

He slammed his lips against mine, He released, I just stood there.


As Carl looked at Lizzy's brown orbs. Those eyes, cute brown eyes binded his heart. Lizzy, then slammed back her lips against his. Lizzy ruffled his hair, as Carl slowly slammed