The Dead is Alive is my version of the walking dead game, or how I wished it would have went. The story and lines will be slightly different, and some deaths may not happen. The story moves along a bit faster.

Season 1 Episode 1: A New DayEdit

Lee Everett is in a police car. "So...Why did you do it?" Asks the officer. "Excuse me?" Asks Lee. "Why did you kill them?" He asks. "Well...she...she cheated on me with him." Says Lee. A man walks into the street. "Look out!" Yells Lee. The police man hits the zombie and he flies into the road, smashing his head. The car rolls down into a ditch with Lee in it. The car stops.

Lee wakes up. The police man is walking away from him. "Hey! Help!" He yells. A bunch of people run over to him. "HEY! IN HERE!" He yells. The people get closer, and Lee notices that their eyes are in the back of their head. "What the hell?" He says to himself. He crawls to the opposite window and kicks the window out. He hops over the fence.

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