Mitchie is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Ruins of Life. He lived in a cabin covered with vineyards and survived the initial 8 months of the Apocalypse.  

Important Information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Dead
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Brown
Height 1,80
Affiliation Harry(by a short time period)
Weapons A gun
Death Bitten by a walker(Alive)

Stabbed in the head by Harry(Before Reanimation)

First Appearance "Goal (episode)"
Last Appearance "Surrounded (episode)"


Location UnknownEdit

Almost nothing is known about Mitchie's life, except that he probably lived in this cabin for a time and discovered the outbreak in a trip to the city, and that he had a friend or girlfriend named Leslie.


Season 1Edit

"Goal "Edit

Mitchie is seen for the first time in this episode. He opens the door for Harry, but is enraged with him. After a bit of persistance of Harry, he let Harry eat something. After sometime, Mitchie see Harry reading Leslie(a friend)'s letter, and yells with him and try to kick him out. In this moment, a lot of walkers kick the door open and advance in both Harry and Mitchie.

"Surrounded "Edit

Mitchie and Harry are seen running, escaping the house now overrun with walkers. Mitchie blames Harry, and Harry tries to justify himself, but Mitchie don't pay attention. After some hours, Mitchie forgive him, and they start to talk. In the middle of the conversation, a crawling walker crawls to Mitchie's leg and bit him. Mitchie screams, and Harry quickly stabs the walker in the head. Helplessly, Harry says " I'm sorry", and then stab Mitchie in the head to prevent reanimation.