James Lock
Zombie Apocalypse Survivor
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Father (Died Of Lung Cancer)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'1
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Weapons Louisville Slugger (Baseball Bat), Collection Of Bolt Action Rifles
Death N/A
First Appearance What Now? (Chapter 1)
Last Appearance What Now? (Chapter )



Before the apocalypse started James was a fond player of baseball, he plays at the local park with his best friend and house mate Martin Moore. James also hunted having a very good collection of bolt action rifles. he inherited all of his money from his father who died many years ago to lung cancer. James own a louisville slugger. James also owns a black SUV which he uses to take him and Martin everywhere. He doesn't live in a big house like most rich men or women, he lives in a house just three miles outside of Ohio


James is a kind-hearted rich man who usually donates clothes, toys and money to charitys but when provoked can turn very nasty and gives no second chances. He usually hangs out with his best friend and house mate, Martin Moore. They hang at bars and the park where they play baseball.


James is a blonde, blue-eyed man who is 6'1, he usually wears suits, but mostly tank tops and sweatpants.