Jacob Flystone
Jacob Flystone
Survivor of Zombie Apocalypse
Leader of Deceased group
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'2
Affiliation Good
Weapons Magnum (Pistol), Machine Gun and Knife.
Death N/A
First Appearance Deceased
Last Appearance N/A



Jacob was in the US Army before the apocalypse and a really good soldier. Since he began he focused completely in his training and obeyed all orders from his sergeant. He went back to his apartment a few days before the Zombie Apocalypse. He was going to go back to the army when he was taken hostage by a Mafia leader. He was put in a cell in an old warehouse for sometime. The Mafia guys later left the warehouse and left him there to die, he was able to escape but when he escaped, the world was full of zombies.


Jacob is really strict and does the best to keep the group he's with alive. He is very protective and like to joke around some times.


Jacob is very muscular and usually carries weapons. He is 6'2, has dark brown eyes, he has a scar on the right eye, a beard and blonde her (kind of golden like).