Hank Nagle
Hank Nagle
Survivor of Zombie Apocalypse
ex. US Airmarshal
Important Information
Gender Male
Family unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'10
Affiliation Survivor
Weapons Single Barrel Shotgun, Baseball Bat
Death N/A
First Appearance It's Over
Last Appearance N/A



Hank was a US Airmarshal. He has always had an interest for guns and travelling. He was promiscuios. He never married, or had any kids of his own. The year of the Apocalypse was a bad year. He is 58. He became a very aggressive drinker, and eventually a drunk. He was laid off for he unscupulous behavior. He then became a pill popper. He hated himself and tried suicide. He moves from his hometown of New York City to South Jersey. He gambles away lots of his saved money.


Hank is promiscuos. He loved that his job as an airmarshal gave himself a certain sex-appeal. He wouldnt get tied down to just one woman. He never marries or has children. He is strong as well. And he likes to shoot guns, but his job didnt require much shooting. In fact, no one ever threatened to take over a flight that he was on. His job became boring so he took up drinking.


Hank is getting older. His once dark Brown hair is thinning and getting lighter, and will eventually grey. He is 58, but looks young for his age because he is quite active. He jogs alot. He has blue eyes and stands 5'10.